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We have a Pay Now option (below) if you wish to pay using PayPal. Email to the 'Just4u account' and we will receive the payment directly into our account. Please log in as ' guest' if you haven't a paypal account, after you have entered the amount, follow the instructions to pay with any card.

Alternatively, you could send us an email and we can send a direct debit mandate out to you to pay via 'go cardless' securely, direct from your bank. No more 'fuffing' about looking for the window money. Your windows will be cleaned regularly and you have no need to worry about anything else.

Our commercial terms are 30 days nett. Interest is added for late payments.

Our domestic terms are 14 days. We usually come round on a Tuesday or Thursday evening between 6pm and 8pm, or occasionally Saturdays, for settlement if you are out.

For paying your bill, please fill in the house address and amount owed then click one of the payment options.